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Koh Phangan, blessed with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate, offers so many activities and sports that it will keep you going not only for a holiday, but for a lifetime: from Muay Thai training in sports camps, to kayaking, fishing and swimming around the many beaches to trekking and nature walks in the inland of Phangan Island...

Jungle Gym In Haad Rin

Jungle Gym on Koh phangan
Jungle Gym on Koh phangan
Jungle Gym on Koh phangan
Jungle Gym on Koh phangan

Jungle Gym is located in Haad Rin, close to the Haad Rin Queen Pier. This is one of the main entry points to Phangan Island when coming from Koh Samui. For learning Thai Boxing, Jungle Gym specializes in teaching small personal Muay Thai classes for beginners through to advanced fighting l

Kayaking Trip To Angthong National Park From Koh Phangan

Angthong Kayaking Trip
Koh Sam Sao Arch From Kayak
Angthong Hidden Lagoon Kayaking
Kayaking At Angthong

Angthong Marine National Park can be best explored by kayaking through its islands. The scenery will be breathtaking, with steep limestone cliffs hoding little beaches and with tight paddle-throughs to caverns within the rocks. Kayaking tours can be easily arranged from nearby Phangan Isla

Phangan Island Birding For Great Hornbills

Great Hornbill On Phangan Island
Great Hornbill On Koh Phangan
Phangan Island Great Hornbill
Phangan Birding Great Hornbill

Koh Phangan is a frequently visited island off the east coast of Thailand, near Koh Samui, but one which is not usually visited for the purpose of birdwatching. However, the inland of Phangan Island is mountainous and covered in dense forest with great opportunities for trekking tours. Gr

Phangan Snorkeling Tours

Going Snorkeling
Jumping Offf The Boat At Haad Rin
Phangan Island Snorkel Tour
Snorkeling At Koh Ma

Snorkeling off the beaches of Phangan island is one of the best and at the same time cheapest ways to explore the tropical underwater life of Thailand. Many beaches are good snorkel spots, but Koh Ma has the best Koh Phangan snorkeling and you will be able to jump in the water and enjoy th