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When the sun goes down on Koh Phangan Island, that doesn't mean the end of the fun. There are plenty of things for the fun-loving traveler to see and do. The resorts in the area generally put on good entertainment, and for many tourists, this is quite enough night life.

Koh Phangan Island Fire Twirlers

Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan Island Fire Twirlers
Fire Twirlers of Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

There are lots of amazing destinations with a great nightlife vibe, but nowhere is quite like Koh Phangan. Besides the incredible Full Moon Party and other Koh Phangan nightlife attractions, Phangan Island is popular for its daring Koh Phangan fire twirlers, which attend nearly every party

Mellow Mountain Bar In Haad Rin

Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach

The Mellow Mountain Bar is located on the northern end of Haad Rin Beach. It is a famous venue at the Full Moon Party, but also a well-known spot to hang out in the weeks between those events. Music played here goes from psy-trance to drum and bass, to RnB and the Milk Ahakes at Mellow Moun

Phangan Island Buckets

Saeng Som Buckets The Ones With Schweppes Lemon Are Nasty
Infamous Buckets On Phangan Island
More Buckets All In Pink
Bucket Seller

The famous buckets of Phangan are a great way to get into the right party mood fast and effectively. They are normally a mix of Thai whisky and Red Bull, but other mixes like Vodka and Red Bull are by now on offer. The buckets come with the closed bottles, so you can create your own mix ac