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Phangan Island Travel Guides

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Koh Phangan Overview - A Koh Phangan overview



Overview Articles

Koh Phangan, originally made famous for its energetic Full Moon Parties on Haad Rin beach, has now become a travel destination for more than the backpacking travelers who first started the beach party traditions. With several of the beautiful beaches served by luxury hotels and resorts as well as smaller beach huts Koh Phangan is now putting itself on the map as a relaxing island destination without losing its fun beach party atmosphere.

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Koh Phangan Accommodation - The best places to stay



Hotel Articles

Booking the right Koh Phangan hotel often means finding a hotel that suits your needs exactly. Each hotel in the Koh Phangan region offers different options, some for luxury and others for backpackers seeking adventure, and booking the right Koh Phangan hotel can be important. Most of the hotels are situated fairly close to each other, and many of them share the same grounds as bungalows interact with other bungalows. If you know which type of hotel you would like to stay in, booking the right Koh Phangan hotel should not be that hard. Here are some of the more popular choices you will have when booking the right Koh Phangan hotel.

Honeymoon on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party - Full Moon Party


Full Moon

Full Moon Articles

Phangan Island is not only famous for its Full Moon Party, but also for the Half Moon Parties and the Black Moon Party.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan    |    Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan (Part 2)    |    Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan (Part 3)    |    Full Moon Party Survival Kit    |    Green Cross Party in Haad Rin    |    Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Package Tour    |    More Koh Phangan Parties    |    Phangan Black Moon Party in Ao Ban Tai    |    Phangan Half Moon Party in Ao Ban Tai

Koh Phangan Transport - Transportation Guide



Transport Articles

Koh Phangan is an island without an airport, which means everyone-no matter how they started their journey-comes in by boat. The shortest way to get to Koh Phangan is to fly into Koh Samui and take a ferry into Koh Phangan. There are other ways to get to the island. Here are some of the possibilities.

Driving on Koh Phangan    |    Getting to Koh Phangan by Rail    |    Getting to Phangan by VIP bus    |    How to Get to Koh Phangan    |    Koh Phangan Public Transportation Options    |    Koh Phangan Travel    |    Phangan GAP Adventures    |    Phangan Intrepid Travel    |    Phangan Motorbiking Tips    |    Public Transport    |    Transportation in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Activities - What to do



Activities Articles

Koh Phangan, blessed with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate, offers so many activities and sports that it will keep you going not only for a holiday, but for a lifetime: from Muay Thai training in sports camps, to kayaking, fishing and swimming around the many beaches to trekking and nature walks in the inland of Phangan Island...

Camping on Koh Phangan    |    Elephant Trekking on Phangan    |    First Bow and Arrow Archery in Chaloklum    |    Fishing and boat trips around Phangan    |    Island Discovery Speedboats    |    Jungle Gym in Haad Rin    |    Kiteboarding on Phangan    |    Mountain Biking on Phangan    |    Muay Thai: Chorenrit Thai Boxing Stadium in Thongsala    |    Muay Thai: Horizon Training Camp in Haad Thian    |    Muay Thai: Thai boxing on Koh Phangan    |    Nature Walks and Trekking on Phangan    |    Paintballing in Thongsala    |    Phangan Island kayaking    |    Safari Eco Tours in Chaloklum    |    Snorkeling in Koh Phangan    |    Wakeboarding in Phangan    |    Wind Surfing on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Attractions - Attractions and sightseeing



Attraction Articles

Koh Phangan has something for every taste. You may have heard Koh Phangan described as the premiere party town. There is definitely some truth to that when you think about the Full Moon parties. If you like to party, then you are in the right place.

Ang Thong National Marine Park    |    Ao Ban Khai    |    Ao Ban Tai    |    Ao Bang Charu    |    Ao Chaloklum    |    Ao Chao Phao    |    Ao Hin Kong    |    Ao Hin Lor    |    Ao Nai Wok    |    Ao Plaaylaem    |    Ao Sri Tham at Sri Thanu Village    |    Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi    |    Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai    |    Ao Thong Reng    |    Ao Wok Tum    |    Haad Dao Duek    |    Haad Khom    |    Haad Khuat (Bottle Beach)    |    Haad Leela (Leela Beach)    |    Haad Mae Had    |    Haad Rin Nai (Sunset Beach)    |    Haad Rin Nok (Sunrise Beach)    |    Haad Salad (Pirate Beach)    |    Haad Som    |    Haad Than Sadet (Royal Beach)    |    Haad Thian (East)    |    Haad Thian (West)    |    Haad Thong Lang (Golden Deserted Beach)    |    Haad Wai Nam    |    Haad Yao (East)    |    Haad Yao West (Long Beach)    |    Haad Yuan    |    Khao Ra Viewpoint    |    Laem Son Lake    |    Phaeng Waterfall near Khao Ra Viewpoint    |    Phangan beaches    |    Phangan Buddhist temples    |    Phangan Chinese Temples    |    Phangan nature attractions    |    Phangan villages    |    Surat Province    |    Thaan Prawet Waterfall    |    Than Sadet Waterfall    |    Thongsala    |    Wang Sai Waterfall    |    Wat Phu Khao Noi near Ao Wok Tum

Koh Phangan Nightlife - Night life guide



Nightlife Articles

When the sun goes down on Koh Phangan Island, that doesn't mean the end of the fun. There are plenty of things for the fun-loving traveler to see and do. The resorts in the area generally put on good entertainment, and for many tourists, this is quite enough night life.

Baan Talay Bar in Haad Rin    |    Big Boom Bar in Haad Rin    |    Big Mango Bar in Thongsala    |    Cactus Bar in Haad Rin    |    Drop In Bar in Haad Rin    |    Fire Spinners and Twirlers in Koh Phangan    |    Ju Ju Bar in Haad Yao    |    Live music venues on Koh Phangan    |    Long Shot Bar in Thongsala    |    Mellow Mountain in Haad Rin    |    Orchid Club in Haad Rin    |    Outback Bar in Thongsala    |    Paradise Bungalows in Haad Rin    |    Phangan bars    |    Phangan clubs    |    Pirate Bar near Haad Yao    |    Reggae Bar and Mai Pen Rai Restaurant in Haad Than Sadet    |    Same Same Live Music in Haad Rin    |    Sheesha Bar in Chaloklum    |    The Rock Bar in Haad Rin    |    Tommy Bar in Haad Rin Nok    |    Vinyl Club in Haad Rin    |    Warm Up Bar in Haad Rin    |    Zoom Bar in Haad Rin Nok

Koh Phangan Restaurants - Restaurants guide



Dining Articles

Koh Phangan Island is a food-lover's paradise. As the island is still something of a secret, the food is not only top notch, but ultra-traditional as well. Most visitors eat at their bungalows, where the food is inexpensive and emphasises fresh seafood.

Boat Ahoy Restaurant and Bar in Ao Ban Tai    |    Casa Nostra Pizza and Pasta in Haad Rin    |    Harmony Restaurant in Haad Rin    |    Me'n'u Restaurant in Ban Hin Kong near Thongsala    |    Niras Bakery in Haad Rin    |    Om Ganesh Restaurant in Haad Rin    |    Peppercorn Restaurant in Sri Thanu    |    Restaurants in Haad Rin    |    Same Same Restaurant in Haad Rin    |    Shell Restaurant in Haad Rin    |    Somtum Inter in Ao Ban Tai    |    World's End Restaurant in Chaloklum

Koh Phangan Shopping - Where to shop and what to buy



Shopping Articles

On Koh Phangan Island, there are plenty of opportunities to collect souvenirs of your memorable tip. Everywhere you go, Koh Phangan will dangle temptations in front of you in an effort to separate you from your tourist Euros.

Good buys on Koh Phangan    |    Hammock Home in Thongsala    |    Koh Phangan's Bamboo Artist in Thongsala    |    Shopping in Haad Rin

Koh Phangan Weather - Weather and climate



Weather Articles

Other parts of the world have long stretches of cold, dark dreary months, but on Koh Phangan it is always warm, and the sun is never gone for long. The temperature generally stays between 24 and 31 Celsius no matter where on the island you go.

Best time of year to go to Koh Phangan    |    Koh Phangan travel climate    |    Weather in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Culture - Culture and language tips



Culture Articles

Koh Phangan has a rich and varied culture. The Thais have many festivals that they celebrate to commemorate various events, and you are welcome to participate in any that catch your fancy.

Koh Phangan Art    |    Koh Phangan cultural rules    |    Koh Phangan History    |    Koh Phangan locals    |    Major religions in Koh Phangan    |    Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)

Koh Phangan Business - Business guide



Business Articles

Koh Phangan is ideal for the business person who wishes to host a business retreat, open a resort, or invest in a rapidly appreciating market. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry as the major resorts begin to make their home in Koh Phan Ngan.

Credit Cards Use on Phangan Island    |    Island International Law Group in Koh Phangan    |    Koh Phangan ATMs    |    Koh Phangan banks    |    Koh Phangan Exchange Rate    |    Koh Phangan government offices    |    Koh Phangan police station    |    Koh Phangan Standard Business Hours    |    Phangan Animal Care (PAC) in Ao Ban Tai    |    Phangan Batik Internet Service in Thongsala

Koh Phangan Realestate - Houses and land for sale



Realestate Articles

The real estate in Koh Phangan tends to change quite rapidly from month to month. Properties open up quickly, and investors and residents alike are always looking on the market for the best deals. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of land for residency purposes, a business for operating reasons, or a land proposition for investing intentions.

KP Earth Science in Thongsala    |    Phangan Holiday Homes    |    Village Green Developments in Haad Chao Phao

Koh Phangan Health - Spas and health



Health Articles

After all that drinking and rich food, you may feel the need to work some of those extra calories off. But you don't have to leave your regular workout schedule behind. Several gyms and retreats on Koh Phangan can help you stay in tip-top shape.

7 day colonic fast in Koh Phangan    |    Dr Taeg Dental Home Clinic in Ao Ban Tai    |    Eating and Fasting on Phangan Island    |    Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga    |    Monte Vista Retreat Center in Ao Nai Wok    |    Mr Lek Massage in Ao Ban Tai    |    Orion Healing Center in Ao Sri Thanu    |    Phangan Hospital in Ao Ban Tai    |    Wat Kow Tahm Buddhist Meditation Center in Ao Ban Tai    |    Yoga: Phangan Agama Yoga in Ao Hin Kong

Koh Phangan Diving - Scuba diving and dive sites



Diving Articles

Koh Phangan is blessed with gorgeous coral reefs, teeming schools of colorful fish, and a variety of diving places. This is a wonderful place to dive, no matter what your skill level is.

Phangan dive shops: Chaloklum Diving    |    Phangan dive shops: Fun Factory in Thongsala    |    Phangan dive shops: Haad Yao Divers    |    Phangan dive shops: Lotus Diving in Chaloklum    |    Phangan dive shops: MTF Diving in Ao Ban Tai    |    Phangan dive shops: Phangan Divers Haad Yao    |    Phangan dive shops: Sail Rock Divers in Chaloklum    |    Phangan dive shops: Tropical Dive Club    |    Phangan dive sites overview    |    Phangan dive sites: Koh Ma    |    Phangan dive sites: Sail Rock    |    Phangan Diving and Snorkeling Tips