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First Bow and Arrow Archery in Chaloklum

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There is a unique and thrilling activity on Koh Phangan that is one of island's best-kept secrets. Whether you fancy yourself as Robin Hood or want to give this age-old pastime a try, the First Bow and Arrow Archery is one of the best Koh Phangan sports attraction options that you won't want to miss.

As children, many of us ran around our backyards aiming our suction cup tipped arrows, stretching the bows, and releasing, only to watch the arrows, time after time, fall uselessly at our feet. Now, thanks to this Koh Phangan sports attraction, you can get professional instruction in archery and learn to hit your target. First Bow and Arrow Archery, a Koh Phangan sports attraction, is located in the beautiful town of Chaloklum and is easily accessible whether you are on foot, bike or in a car.

English-speaking instructors will make learning here easy for you. Accolades from travelers to Chaloklum have called this professionally run Koh Phangan sports attraction facility one of the top sport training outlets in Koh Phangan. Don't worry if you're less than artful with the bow and arrow because the instructors at this Koh Phangan sports attraction will ensure that your enjoyment of the sport is second to none.

You will see that when spending your vacation days in Koh Phangan absorbing all that this tropical paradise has to offer, that First Bow and Arrow Archery is a premium Koh Phangan sports attraction with discount pricing and special expert instruction. This is a Koh Phangan sports attraction that is as unique as the white sand beaches that surround the island. Book your training session today!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009