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Phangan Island Activities | Koh Phangan offers the ultimate big game fishing experience
Koh Ma Panoramic View

Phangan Island offers many fun activities. Once such activity is fishing in the bottle blue waters of Koh Phangan. These fishing trips are legendary, perhaps because they combine all the best of the tropical vacation with the challenge and thrill of big game fishing. Most hotels have sunset beach barbeques to cook up the day's catch.

There are many species available in Koh Phangan fishing, including such underwater denizens as barracuda, queen fish, shark and red snapper. Now you may remember the last time you went fishing that it took hours to bait and set your lines, and in the end, if you didn't hook your friend, your biggest catch of the day was an old boot that someone dropped in the water. Your fishing experience off Koh Phangan will be far different from this. You get to lay back and have the work done for you by professionals as you sip your drinks and gaze out onto the sunny horizon. Your only effort is the one with the most fun, hauling in a giant exotic catch that is guaranteed to make your mouth water as it slowly cooks over an open flame.

There are many facilities that will take care of all the arrangements when you decide that Koh Phangan fishing is for you. Most hotels also offer both their own boats and guides or will make all the necessary arrangements for you to join an expert tour. Koh Phangan fishing is a special pastime that will be well remembered as one of your most favorite Koh Phangan experiences. The prices vary from season to season and facility-to-facility, so you can do the budget tour or pull out all the stops and fish like a king. What are you waiting for? Book your Koh Phangan fishing trip today!

Last Updated: 10 Dec 2008

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Koh Ma Panoramic View
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