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Muay Thai: Horizon Training Camp in Haad Thian

Phangan Island Activities | Muay Thai boxing in the heart of Koh Phangan

The Horizon Training Camp is the premier Muay Thai Boxing facility on Koh Phangan. With expert instructors and a quality location overlooking the bottle blue waters of Haad Thian Bay, you can train your mind, body and spirit in Koh Phangan Horizon Training Camp.

Muay Thai translates literally as Thai Boxing and is also known as 'The Art of the Eight Limbs'. It is a very hard martial art and is the national sport in Thailand. Traditionally, Muay Thai was used as in war combat and was known as Muay Boran. The sport sees contestants use kicks and punches to knock out their opponent. Hands, shins, elbows and knees are used extensively and those who want to box have to undergo extensive training.

Horizon Boxing Camp courses in Muay Thai

Many people who come to Thailand on holiday decide to take a course in Muay Thai and those who visit Koh Phangan will find a training school dedicated to the sport on the island.

Horizon Thai Boxing Camp holds courses for men, women and children on a daily basis. The first course is excellent for beginners and families as it is a much lighter session. This takes places Sundays to Fridays between 07:30 and 09:30. AS it is early morning, much of the training takes place on the beach because it is still cool enough. If you have some experience in martial arts or boxing in general, there is a more advanced and intensive session which runs every day from 16:00 to 18:00.

Both courses will teach you the correct techniques needed to perform this martial art, although the beginner's course is much more focused on this. The advanced level puts a lot of emphasis on fitness levels and conditioning training and is very hard work, so be prepared for extreme work outs. The intensity of every training session will be measured against your own fitness level and experience.

There is a full sized boxing ring at the camp allowing for those who feel ready to have their first fight. Under fully qualified instructors, you will be learning with students from all over the world and it is something you can take back home and continue to practice.

Horizon Boxing Camp location

It is located on secluded Haad Thian Beach, although is in no way isolated. There are bars and restaurants nearby and Haad Rin is just 10 minutes away by boat. There is also a luxurious spa nearby and a yoga centre for those who want to pamper themselves and meditate after the training.

For those people interested in Muay Thai, this is one of the best places in the country in which to learn the techniques and is also a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy. Horizon Camp welcomes children of all ages and ensures that their safety, and of course yours, is top priority.

Muay Thai matches at Horizon Boxing Camp

If you would prefer to watch Thai boxing matches rather than participate, the camp holds regular matches between trained boxers from Thailand and all around the world. If you don't have the time or inclination to learn, a visit to the stadium for a match is a must.

Last Updated: 14 Aug 2008