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Kiteboarding on Phangan

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When you plan your Koh Phangan Kiteboarding excursion, you need only look as far as the Cuttlebone Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Center. This wonderful training facility was one of the first kiteboarding schools to open in Southeast Asia.

At Cuttlebone Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Center, you will learn the delicate craft of commanding the winds and the sea, regardless of your experience. Since the craze of Koh Phangan kiteboarding took off in 1999, the founders of Cuttlebone Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Center have been in the thick of the sport. Their years of experience and professional certification give them the skills necessary to teach their students with attention to safety and enjoyment.

Whether you're in Koh Phangan for business or pleasure, you can take the time to experience Koh Phangan kiteboarding without handing over your bank account and your sense of safety. You can take introductory classes at the Cuttlebone Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Center.

If you decide that Koh Phangan Kiteboarding is for you, then you can continue through the beginner's course and soon reach autonomous boarder status, slicing the waves free of instruction. The folks at Cuttlebone Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Center personally craft your training program, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and learn.

If you do plan to enjoy some Koh Phangan Kiteboarding, though, be sure to bring your camera. You friends back home may never believe you! What are you waiting for? Book your Koh Phangan kiteboarding adventure today!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009