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Mountain Biking on Phangan

Phangan Island Activities | Koh Phangan sports: peddle through paradise

Koh Phangan mountain biking provides quick access to the wonders of this island's raw beauty. Koh Phangan mountain biking is available to anyone with some adrenalin to burn. You can rent mountain bikes from most anywhere in Koh Phangan for discount prices that you might not expect. From the moment you sign yourself in and grab your two-wheeled wonder, you will understand just how much of the island and its special natural attractions will open up for you to explore while you are Koh Phangan mountain biking. Koh Phangan is a pristine tropical wonderland ripe for exploration.

For instance, if you're looking for a special elevated ride to take you to the clouds where you can take in the wondrous panoramic views on Koh Phangan, you may want to explore north of Haad Rin during your Koh Phangan mountain biking experience. Please note that there are few organized trails while you are Koh Phangan mountain biking so you should know where you're going and always carry a map. You will probably get a special thrill biking the trails around Baan Tai and Thongsala. Exercise caution when traveling between while Koh Phangan mountain biking Baan Tai and Hadrin because the roads are steep, rugged and notorious for their blind curves and corners.

Koh Phangan mountain biking would not be complete without visiting the many temples and hidden coves that dot the island.

The island is the perfect shape for Koh Phangan mountain biking as there are large flats areas to the west and south on the island with a variety of sights to see within 20 km. The dirt paths are fun to ride the the sloped trails are quite enjoyable for Koh Phangan mountain biking. You can ride and stop at your leisure when Koh Phangan mountain biking to enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery that surrounds you. There are also rocky paths just made for mountain bike jumping, but take care, they can be quite tricky, too. Use caution and commonsense when Koh Phangan mountain biking, as with any physical activity, but have fun, too!

If you're looking for the easy version of Koh Phangan mountain biking, you may want to explore north of Thong Sala along the coastal route to the beautiful Haad Yao. From there you could head on to Mae Haad, Chaloklum and the Phaeng Waterfall. If you'd enjoy being dazzled by the relatively undiscovered routes of Koh Phangan mountain biking, go northeast from Baan Tai, visit the free herbal sauna at Wat Pho and leave a donation at the temple. Otherwise, just break free from Thong Sala in the direction of Woktum and explore the myriads of dirt roads and trails during your Koh Phangan mountain biking trip. For a modest rental rate of 250 THB (5.43 Euro) per hour per bike, you can take advantage of the wonderful Koh Phangan mountain biking experience at a discount price that any traveler can afford.

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008