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Paintballing in Thongsala

Phangan Island Activities | Battle your friends for the ultimate holiday experience in K

Koh Phangan is known for its verdant natural beauty and bottle blue waters rife with colorful reefs and aquatic wonders. It is a little known fact that Koh Phangan also gives you the opportunity to pick off your friends and family in an enjoyable and non-lethal manner with paintballing in Koh Phangan.

Whether you're ten, twenty or fifty-five, many have felt the thrill of pegging off a loved one in a staged battle of wits while paintballing in Koh Phangan. If you enjoy a game of paintball off the island, it should be little different in the island paradise known as Koh Phangan. Many travelers are picking up their paint guns and spraying their traveling mates with paint-based ammo and turning their tropical holiday into a shooting experience that they won't soon forget with paintballing in Koh Phangan.

Paintballing in Koh Phangan will allow you to live out your Rambo fantasies without injuring others in a friendly competitive environment. With so much else to do when you're in Koh Phangan, paintballing in Koh Phangan brings that extra adrenalin rush that will prepare you for a restful evening discussing strategies and bragging about victories. The premium paintballing in Koh Phangan establishment is located just outside of Thongsala in a full-sized arena beside the Big Mango Restaurant, so after a long day of taking out your enemies, you can sit down to enjoy a delectable menu with Western and Thai cuisine sure to whet your ravenous post-paintballing in Koh Phangan appetite and tantalize your taste buds.

Paintballing in Koh Phangan is an activity for both family and friends and even the wandering individual that wants to get in on a game. If sitting down to a wonderful meal after paintballing in Koh Phangan and splattering your opponents with dye sounds like the perfect way to mark a conquest (or make up for a defeat), then the Big Mango Restaurant is for you. The Big Mango Restaurant provides paintballing in Koh Phangan opportunities at discount group rates that are sure to fit anyone's holiday budget. So go on, enjoy paintballing in Koh Phangan in between your days at the white sand beaches.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009