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Safari Eco Tours in Chaloklum

Phangan Island Activities | Experience Koh Phangan in its entire natural splendor

Koh Phangan is an amazing adventure and a jewel in Thailand's tourism crown. Travelers the world over have come to its shores and there are many hotels that cater to the weary tourist and pamper them in luxurious delight. However, Koh Phangan offers much more to those who are willing to experience this pristine island paradise. If you are interested in nature and want to absorb all of Koh Phangan's natural beauty, you can do no better than Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours.

Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours, and environmentally sensitive company, has been providing tourists with a hands-on appreciation of Koh Phangan for years. Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours is located in the central town of Chaloklum and is within easy reach of many of Koh Phangan's natural wonders. Whether you are comfortable behind the wheel of a 4x4 Jeep or crave the adventure of an elephant trekking experience, Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours has something to satisfy your appetite. For instance, you can take a short elephant trekking tour from Thong Lang Point to Mae Haad Bay for an afternoon of snorkeling fun for only 1700 THB (36 EUR) per person with Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours.

If you feel adventurous but don't have the time necessary for a full day excursion, Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours has a trip for you. Starting at the elephant trekking camp, you wend your way through the verdant jungle to the beautiful Chinese temple and then head on to Thong Lang Point for a delicious Thai lunch. From there, you make your way to the historic Thansadet Waterfall where King Rama V visited and left his mark on many of the rocks surrounding the falls. All of this trekking fun is yours for a measly 1300 THB (27 EUR) per person. Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours is the paramount provider of Koh Phangan safari eco tours. What are you waiting for? Book your natural adventure with Koh Phangan Safari Eco Tours today!

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009