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Muay Thai: Thai boxing on Koh Phangan

Phangan Island Activities | Thailand's finest Muay Thai Boxing on Koh Phangan

Muay Thai boxing is Thailand's oldest and most beloved sport, and Koh Phangan boxing camps and clubs are happy to help you learn. Koh Phangan boxing is also more commonly known as kickboxing. The art of Koh Phangan boxing has been practiced in Thailand since it was developed as a compliment to the Krabi Krabong that although was a weapon-based combat, depended heavily on kicking as a method of its unarmed form.

Muay Thai history and Thai culture

Muay Boran was the initial form that developed from Krabi Krabong but soon split into other disciplines known as Muay Korat. This focused on strength of attack with Muay Lopburi focusing on movements, Muay Chaiya focusing on defensive stances, and Muay Pra Nakorn focusing on speed of blow delivery. Despite the offshoots of this favored martial art, Koh Phangan boxing has remained at the forefront of the Thailand sporting world.

Muay Thai boxers were the favored protectors of the elephants that both acted as infantry and the carriers of nobility. For that reason, those practitioners of Koh Phangan boxing who were adept at this fine martial art were held in great esteem by both the royalty and the general population. This fabled popularity has made Muay Thai boxing a favorite pastime in Thailand, as well as a tremendous attraction for anyone seeking thrills in the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan boxing areas.

Even though Koh Phangan boxing has reached the world's stage as a sport, it has tremendous cultural and religious significance throughout Thailand and the remaining South Asian countries that practice the art.

Muay Thai Boxing Camps on Phangan Island

There are many Koh Phangan boxing camps in and around Koh Phangan that provide training and practice arenas for tourists and locals alike. For example, Horizon Training Camp, a Koh Phangan boxing camp located near Haad Thian Bay, is a fine example of such a facility. So if you are interested in Koh Phangan boxing, do be sure to take advantage of the many fine instructors and stadium events that highlight Koh Phangan boxing.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009