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Ao Ban Tai

Phangan Island Attractions | Koh Phangan's Favorite Beach

Ao Ban Tai Beach is located on the southeast shore of Koh Phangan, and has been the subject of a great deal of tourist praise as the one place to stop while in Koh Phangan. Ban Tai Beach is part of a long stretch of white sand beaches that stretch all the way to Thongsala.

Tropical beach views on Ban Tai Beach

You can witness amazing sunsets from the shores of Koh Phangan's favorite beach, and as a result, this tremendous place has been an early evening gathering spot for many tourists during their stay at Koh Phangan.

On top of the awe-inspiring sunsets, the views in Koh Phangan's favorite beach are second to none: you can see up and down the entire beach line from this vantage point, not to mention across the water to the wonderful and famous island of Koh Samui.

Much of the land along the coastline of Ao Ban Tai is in use as coconut plantations and could cause your imagination to make-believe you are on a desert island, with the line of lovely swaying palm trees framing the Gulf of Thailand waters as far as you can see.

Whether you are traveling on your own, with friends, or with your family, Koh Phangan's favorite beach offers what you desire. If you wish to stretch out on the sand and soak up the tropical sun while enjoying your favorite book, Ban Tai Beach provides you ample space to do so.

Snorkeling on Ban Tai Beach

Ban Tai Beach is wide and protected by a rich coral reef from high seas, some two hundred meters offshore. The coral reef along Koh Phangan's favorite beach runs south and west along the coastline and gives a home to the wondrous marine life and makes for a great snorkeling adventure.

Ban Tai Beach main travel season

Please note that between the months of November and April, you may find it difficult to swim or snorkel near Koh Phangan's favorite beach because the sea can be rougher during these months. The best time for water activities is between December and March, the main travel season on Phangan Island. When holidaying in Koh Phangan, you should definitely stop at Ao Ban Tai!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009