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Ao Chaloklum

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Chaloklum Bay

Ao Chaloklum is located on the northern shore of Koh Phangan and is a sight to behold with its golden sands and long boats that pepper the shoreline. It is one of the longest beaches of the island, stretching for nearly 2.5 kilometers. Koh Phangan's favorite beach itself is separated in the middle by the famous fishing town Chaloklum and has a wonderful pier for strolling out into the middle of the bay.

If you want to swim in the waters of Koh Phangan's favorite beach, you should know that because of its location and depth, Koh Phangan's favorite beach is best for swimming between December and March. In the remaining months, you should time your swims at Koh Phangan's favorite beach to coincide with high tides. There are coral reefs off shore of Koh Phangan's favorite beach, but because of the fishing, they are unfortunately mostly dead. Their skeletal presence still causes the waves to break sufficiently to allow for some great body surfing. Whether you intend to laze amongst the beautifully handcrafted long boats while reading your favorite book or play in the waves, Koh Phangan's favorite beach can offer you what you desire. After a long day at Koh Phangan's favorite beach soaking up the tropical sun, you can retire to the town of Chaloklum and visit one of the many restaurants serving delicious Western and Thai cuisine.

With Ao Chaloklum, Koh Phangan's favorite beach, located in the middle of the town of Chaloklum, you have views everywhere you look and every way you turn. Koh Phangan's favorite beach is situated in a town where fishing is the main industry. The middle of Koh Phangan's favorite beach is dotted with morsels of the fishing trade. This part of Koh Phangan's favorite beach is also where the fishermen keep their longtailed boats. Maybe you can get a good look at one of them while you are wandering Koh Phangan's favorite beach. These beautifully handcrafted and colorful boats, sporting 100 BHP truck engines, are quite the scene to admire while dining at a local restaurant.

So as you put together your island trip to Koh Phangan, be sure to note Ao Chaloklum, Koh Phangan's favorite beach, down as one of your holiday stops!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009

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