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Ao Thong Reng

Phangan Island Attractions | Koh Phangan's royal beach

Ao Thong Reng is also known as Phangan Island's royal beach. With pristine white sands and bottle blue waters lapping at the shore, you will be sure to wash away the daily cares of your non-vacation life at Koh Phangan's royal beach. Ao Thong Reng (Koh Phangan's royal beach) is located on the eastern shores of Koh Phangan not far from Haad Sadet. Although reachable by road, you may want to take a boat to arrive at Koh Phangan's royal beach.

Koh Phangan's royal beach is the meeting point of the Thaansadet, a wondrous river with some important historical significance: this was the favorite spot of royals including King Churalongkorn. Although you can enter the azure waters and paddle about to wile away your day at Koh Phangan's royal beach, you may find that the beauty of the beach is more intriguing. Koh Phangan's royal beach is a perfect spot to take your family or your friends because it is so secluded you can easily feel that you own the beach. After a long day of soaking up the tropical sun at Koh Phangan's royal beach, you can head inland to explore the Thaansadet National Park and witness the beautiful and abundant wildlife. Koh Phangan is an amazing tropical wonderland and is rife with beachfront areas, but Koh Phangan's royal beach is probably the best shining example of Koh Phangan's natural splendor. Ao Thong Reng is probably one of Koh Phangan's best-kept secrets.

Koh Phangan's royal beach offers privacy and an opportunity for solitude. Koh Phangan's royal beach is secluded and has much space to offer that you can make your own spot there. Koh Phangan's royal beach can offer a time for quiet reflection and introspection and a good place to sunbathe. Remember your protective lotions and sunscreens as you will want to partake of Koh Phangan's royal beach on more than one occasion during your visit. Take care so that you may enjoy all it has to offer again and again, if your body is not used to the sun's rays by the sea.

So when you are planning your special island paradise getaway to Koh Phangan, you must make sure to visit Koh Phangan's royal beach and take advantage of its amazing splendor and relaxing atmosphere.

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009