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Haad Khom

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Haad Khom in Koh Phangan is one of the nicest beaches of the island. Haad Khom in Koh Phangan is located on the northern shores of Koh Phangan and is quite close to the town of Chaloklum. It is accessible by road, but the road is treacherous, and plus, it is rife with potholes, meaning skill, nerves of steel and a good 4x4 vehicle are required.

You may just want to take advantage of a water taxi from the town Chaloklum to reach Had Khom in Koh Phangan. With vibrant coral reefs just offshore, Had Khom in Koh Phangan has wonderful opportunities for snorkeling or scuba diving to appreciate the underwater Technicolor beauty that lies beneath the waves. Also because of the reefs near Had Khom in Koh Phangan, you will find the swimming is best between the months of December and March. If you intend to paddle about in the remaining months near Had Khom in Koh Phangan, you should schedule your swims to coincide with high tides.

Had Khom in Koh Phangan is especially popular with the long-term visitors as it lets them get away from the crowds that gather for the Full Moon parties. Full Moon parties have been a growing attraction for over a decade now, having first started as someone's birthday celebration. That party was so enjoyed that the decision was made to make time for a party everytime there is a full moon. Had Khom in Koh Phangan is a unique beach that will take you away from the throngs and allow you to succumb to the peace of being in your own little world, for a time at least. Had Khom in Koh Phangan is known for its laid back atmosphere.

Whether you intend to laze upon the white sands while enjoying your favorite book or you wish to body surf, you will find that Had Khom in Koh Phangan can meet these desires and many more. Koh Phangan has many beaches that line its shores, but Had Khom in Koh Phangan has something special. Had Khom in Koh Phangan is a secluded beach that offers a quiet tranquility to all that take advantage of this sunning opportunity. If you do snorkel, you will sure to be dazzled by the multitude of sea life that rests beneath the bottle blue waters.

So when you are in Koh Phangan enjoying your special tropical getaway, be sure to make Had Khom in Koh Phangan one of your desired stops!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009