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Haad Leela (Leela Beach)

Phangan Island Attractions | Haad Leela is the only nude beach of Koh Phangan
Walking To Leela Beach From Haad Rin

Haad Leela is Koh Phangan's premium beach experience (and whispered to be Thailand's only nude beach). Koh Phangan is an amazing stop in any tropical fantasy tour. Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is literally an island paradise and booking you trip to Haad Leela makes this the ultimate vacation experience.

Haad Leela: Location on Koh Phangan

Located on the western tip of Haad Rin peninsula on the southeastern shores of Koh Phangan, Koh Phangan's premium beach experience provides some of the most awe-inspiring views available. This white sand beach is a mere fifteen-minute jaunt from Haad Rin (the location of the famous Full Moon Party).

Also know as Haad Seekantang, Koh Phangan's premium beach experience has a long thin stretch of sandy property that is peppered with mangrove trees dotted with resorts hiding along the edge of the verdant jungles. One of the most recommended hotels on Leela Beach is the Cocohut Village.

Haad Leela: Thailand's only nude beach

Koh Phangan's premium beach experience, because of its seclusion, used to be a popular hangout for nudists, but with its recent development has developed a more mainstream crowd of beach goers. Koh Phangan's premium beach experience also at one time was owned by the infamous Rajneesh cult, but is no longer.

Haad Leela activities

Even though you can get away from the traveling throngs by attending Koh Phangan's premium beach experience, you are still able to easily nip away to modern conveniences such as the local 7-eleven. If you intend to swim, you should know that the bay is rocky in some places and has a coral reef.

Whether you are relaxing on the white sand soaking up the tropical sun while enjoying your favorite book or body surfing in the azure waves, Koh Phangan's premium beach experience has what your holiday heart desires.

Haad Leela weather and travel seasons

This rocky makeup makes December to March the best months for taking a dip in the bottle blue waters near Koh Phangan's premium beach experience.

If you wish to paddle about in the remaining months, you should schedule your swims to coincide with the high tides while you are on Haad Leela.

When you are holidaying in Koh Phangan, you should definitely visit Haad Leela, Koh Phangan's premium beach experience!

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009

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Walking To Leela Beach From Haad Rin
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