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Haad Salad (Pirate Beach)

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Asia Bungalows on Haad Salad

Koh Phangan has been dazzling the tropical travelers for many decades and is the best example of the vibrant culture and natural splendor of Southeast Asia. It is not hard to believe that Koh Phangan is Thailand's shining tourism treasure. If you are planning that special island paradise getaway to Koh Phangan, you need to know that Haad Salad is a visually exciting Koh Phangan beach.

Pirate Beach: where the name comes from

Located on the western coast, Haad Salad, a great Koh Phangan beach, is steeped in history and beauty. In the 1700s, this Koh Phangan beach played host to pirates. These pirates would hide their booty and seclude their ships in the hidden cove of this Koh Phangan beach and when passing galleons made their way up the coast the pirates would launch their attacks from this Koh Phangan beach and take whatever treasure they could.

Now the pirates have gone, but the stunning beauty of this Koh Phangan beach remains. You can reach this Koh Phangan beach by a simple concrete road from Chaloklum of Thongsala, Koh Phangan's largest community.

Diving and snorkeling at Haad Salad (Pirate Beach)

There is an abundant formation of world famous coral reefs approximately one hundred and fifty meters offshore, making this Koh Phangan beach the number one destination in Koh Phangan for divers and snorkel aficionados.

Haad Salad weather and best travel seasons

Because of the shallow seabed surrounding this Koh Phangan beach, the best times for swimming are between the months of November and April. If you wish to swim in the remaining months, be sure to schedule your swims near this Koh Phangan beach to coincide with the high tides.

Haad Salad: quiet and seclusion

If you want to get away from the throngs of tourists in Haad Rin, you can be assured that this Koh Phangan beach will offer the seclusion and privacy you're looking for. This Koh Phangan beach is beautiful white sand and expansive, so if you wish to laze upon the sands to soak up the tropical sun and enjoy some quiet time, there is plenty of room.

So make sure you visit the historic and awe-inspiring Koh Phangan beach of Haad Salad!

Last Updated: 23 May 2008

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Haad Salad
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