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Haad Thian (East)

Phangan Island Attractions | Koh Phangan's first rate beach

Had Thian (east), Koh Phangan's first-rate beach, is located on the southeastern shores of Koh Phangan and gives the ultimate experience in seclusion. Long known for being the getaway sanctuary for those wishing to escape the crowds of Haad Rin, Koh Phangan's first-rate beach is only accessible by a two kilometer mountain path from Haad Yao, a five kilometer mountain path from Haad Rin, or by water taxi.

Your hotel will probably be able to give you directions to Koh Phangan's first-rate beach. Please note that the water can be choppy enough at times to prevent boat travel to Koh Phangan's first-rate beach. With all of its old school Koh Phangan charm, Koh Phangan's first-rate beach is sure to please the holiday purists.

The white sand of Koh Phangan's first-rate beach and bottle blue waters create the perfect place to sun and swim. Koh Phangan's first-rate beach has a deep-sea shelf; therefore, you can swim all year round. However, because of the lack of coral reefs, you wouldn't find Koh Phangan's first-rate beach to be the best place to snorkel. It is, though, the perfect place for the calm and quiet expected on a tropical holiday. If you want to explore the area surrounding Koh Phangan's first-rate beach, you can head off into the verdant jungles and take in the wonders of Koh Phangan's flora and fauna.

So when you are in Koh Phangan, making your tropical holiday wishes come true, you should definitely make an effort to visit the pristine and secluded white sand beach known as Koh Phangan's first-rate beach, Had Thian (East).

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009