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Phangan Island Attractions | Koh Phangan and it's national parks and nature attractions

Koh Phangan is a paradise for nature lovers; from the endless islands of the Angthong Marine National Park to trekking paths to beautiful lakes and waterfalls, Koh Phangan has it all.

Angthong Marine National Park

We can not say enough about this incredible park. It is actually 40 islands located 30 kilometers southwest of Samui. If you want to see Dolphins dancing in sparkling water, orchids growing in sheer cliff faces, and over 40 different species of jewel-colored birds, this is the place to go. The islands are composed of limestone, and over the years wind and water have sculpted a magnificent series of caves and grottos that you can explore quite safely.

This is the absolute best place to go snorkeling. The coral reefs team with colorful aquatic life. After you snorkel, rest on one of the white sand beaches and soak in the lush loveliness around you. The series of islands are completely unspoiled. The only sounds you hear are the call of birds, the quiet roar of the surf coming over the wet sand, and the balmy breeze playing in the palm fronds overhead. If you do no other excursion while on Koh Phangan, go to Angthong Marine Park.

There are no private boats to Angthong. The easiest way to get there is to take one of the many excursions from Koh Phangan to Angthong. If you would like to explore Angthong for a little longer you can camp overnight, and return on the next excursion boat at no extra charge. Just tell the company when you wish to be picked up. Tents and a few basic cabins are available for a reasonable fee. There are a few fishermen who live on the island, and any of them would be happy to take you on a tour for a small fee.

Laem Son Lake

The beaches of Koh Phangan are so beautiful, we have difficulty even thinking of swimming anywhere else. Still, if you are looking for a change of pace, Laem Son lake is a popular place to meet local Thais, ex-pats, and other Farang.

During the hot months the trees that line the lake are particularly welcoming. If you want to swim be careful; the rope line crossing the lake is only a guide, not a safety rope. There are underwater plants that are easy to get tangled up in if you aren't conscious of your surroundings. Stay focused and you will be fine. Nearby, you'll also find a couple of rope swings.

Phaeng Waterfall

This lovely waterfall is located in Ban Madua Wan on the road to Chaloklum. Its well worth seeing, but prepare yourself for a challenging climb--The main waterfall is a steep 250m walk up a jungle trail.

Once you arrive you can wash the sweat of your exertions off in a fresh water pool. Once you've had a chance to recover, go another 200m up the path, where you can see Koh Phangan laid out before you in a stunning kaleidoscope of lush green and mist.

For the more adventurous, experienced hiker, there is a little jungle trek up the mountain to Kao Ra viewpoint-just follow the signs all along the trail

Note: do not attempt this if you are alone, or have no experience trekking in the jungle; the trail can be difficult and even dangerous in some places.

Than Sadet Waterfalls

This set of waterfalls is not only beautiful enough for a king, it is stunning enough to have had three royal visitors, including the current Revered Monarch. King Churalongkorn, the Great and revered Rama V, bathed in the pool at the base of the waterfall as did King Prajadhipok, the Great Rama VII, and the current King Bumipol Aduldej, the Great Rama IX.

This royal attention led to the waterfall being declared a National Park. The abundant wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and beautiful pool make it well worth the trouble to visit. Dedicate some time to getting to Than Sadet-the roads are in poor condition, but the waterfall makes up for it in the end.

Koh Ma

Koh Ma is a very popular with snorklers and divers alike. The coral reef is simply stunning in this area, loaded with colourful fish and fantastic sea plants.

Koh Ma is connected to Had Mae Had by a sandy path, making it possible to walk across at low tide and take a look around. As has also been declared a Marine National Park, fishing with a gun is prohibited.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009