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Phangan Island Attractions | Other interesting places to visit in Koh Phangan's Surat Pro

Koh Phangan's Surat Province, or as it is called in Thai, Surat Thani, is located in Southern Thailand. Surat Thani is literally translated as "City of Good People." This tropical paradise at the southern tip of Thailand has many interesting places to visit that are sure to please even the most discerning traveler.

Whether you're in Thailand to stay for the duration of your vacation, or are making your way through to Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan's Surat Province has a lot to offer that will keep you happily occupied on your special tropical holiday. Whether money is no option or you are living on a budget, you will find that the special attraction of Koh Phangan's Surat Province will give you a lifetime of vacation memories.

If you are looking for quality food, you need only to head to the Tapi River Mouth that is approximately five kilometers from the Ban Don municipality in Koh Phangan's Surat Province. This area is rife with restaurants serving top-notch seafood dishes that are sure to whet your appetite and tantalize your taste buds. If you enjoy nature, there is the Khao Tha Phet Wildlife and Nature Education Centre in Koh Phangan's Surat Province. You can get there by traveling along the Surat Thani - Na San route for approximately six kilometers. This facility at Koh Phangan's Surat Province covers nearly 1162 acres of open safari and at the centre houses a number of animals in enclosed environments, so be sure to bring your camera.

If you're looking to brush up on your Thai history, there is the cultural landmark of Phra Borommathat Chaiya in Koh Phangan's Surat Province, an ancient pagoda-like structure that is home to a myriad of Lord Buddha relics. You can get to this historically significant destination in Koh Phangan's Surat Province by heading to Amphoe Chaiya, approximately fifty-four kilometers north of Koh Phangan's Surat Province capital. This slice of the past is over 1200 years old. Within the surrounding grounds, you can take advantage of the Chaiya National Museum in Koh Phangan's Surat Province that has displays of ancient stone and bronze sculptures dating back to prehistoric Thai civilization.

Considering that the preceding is only a small sample of what's available in Koh Phangan's Surat Province, you can rest assured that there are many interesting places to visit while in Koh Phangan's Surat Province.

Last Updated: 10 Mar 2008