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Koh Phangan ATMs are one of the highest used pieces of equipment on the entire island. Since Koh Phangan is a popular tourist place for both first time vacationers and frequent visitors alike, local currency is something that is often needed, and the ATMs of the main Thai banks provide the easiest way to obtain Thai Baht and usually at the cheapest exchange rates.

Since Koh Phangan ATMs are spread throughout the island, and most retailers hold them, you are usually not too far from one. Koh Phangan ATMs are easy to use because no matter what country you are from, you just slip your bankcard in the machine and the baht will be subtracted from your checking account. There is no currency exchange or mathematics involved -- just punch in your PIN number and you will have Thai Bahts from Koh Phangan ATMs.

Who holds Koh Phangan ATMs? Most retailers have an ATM in their store, most restaurants have them, and nearly every bank hosts an ATM that can take any VISA or MasterCard emblazed piece of plastic. Almost every hotel has one as well, and if you can't find one, ask the front desk of your hotel. They will usually be able to direct you toward one of the many Koh Phangan ATMs designed for public use. If you visit the island frequently enough you may even be eligible to open up a Thailand bank account, which would get you away from the already minimal exchange fees.

Koh Phangan ATMs give the lowest fees out of all the currency exchangers anywhere in Koh Phangan. There are often currency exchangers in the airport and on the streets, but they don't offer the lowest rates because they have to make a profit off the work they do for you. Banks don't offer much lower exchange rates. Koh Phangan ATMs usually offer the lowest rates, the easiest service (no lines to wait in), and they are easy to find.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009