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Koh Phangan Exchange Rate

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An often reported problem travelers and backpackers have when they make their way through Thailand is the Koh Phangan exchange rate. The Koh Phangan exchange rate from Thai Baht to Euro or from Thai Baht to Dollar changes minutely each day as the currency market fluctuates. You can quickly check current Koh Phangan exchange rates at one of the many free, online converters before visiting.

Most travelers find it easiest to deal with the Koh Phangan exchange rate and convert their currency at the airport or at one of the island's many ATM's. If you check the Koh Phangan exchange rate before traveling, you will know what to expect, and you will know if you're not being given the correct amount.

Finding the Best Koh Phangan Exchange Rate

You may find that the Koh Phangan exchange rate varies from place to place as well as from day to day. Let's start with the Koh Phangan exchange rate in airports like Ko Samui. Here currency exchangers can be found almost 24 hours per day. These exchangers often trade the Euro with the Thai baht with travelers, giving them the easiest way to exchange currency in Koh Phangan. It also tends to be one of the cheaper options when you're shopping for the best Koh Phangan exchange rate. ATM's are the second way that most travelers exchange currency in Koh Phangan. The ATM tends to give the lowest Koh Phangan exchange rate, but because you have to wait for the withdrawal to go through and you may experience other fees, they may not be the best choice.

Haad Salad, one of Koh Phangan's busier areas, provides one of the widest selections of Koh Phangan exchange rate choices. ATMs are found at most of the vendors around the beachfront and hotels. Moreover, the many travel agencies in Haad Salad offer currency exchange services in Koh Phangan.

Make sure you show up knowing the current currency exchange rate in Koh Phangan and you will be good to travel, spend and have a great time on this tropical island.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009