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Koh Phangan has a multitude of government offices spread throughout the island, most in and around the local business locations, with many more in the more residential area of Thongsala Town. These Koh Phangan government offices and agencies are constantly growing as new offices are being built up to accommodate the ever-expanding governmental system.

Koh Phangan government offices include the immigration office, agricultural department, public works department, disaster prevention and relief sector, finance division, public prosecution department, and the sanitation division. It is important that you know these Koh Phangan government offices and locations during your stay on the island so that you know where to turn for help if necessary.

As a precaution to the growing international threats of terrorism, Koh Phangan has taken prevention steps in most of their Koh Phangan government offices to make them more secure. Metal detectors, police protection and the like have been installed in various Koh Phangan government offices and government funded institutions, including banks, in order to provide both the government workers and those frequenting the locations more peace of mind. The banks of Koh Phangan, like Koh Phangan government offices, used to operate more casually, but they have tightened up a great deal on security.

Koh Phangan serves as a sub district of the Southern Region of Thailand, and as such, similar guidelines and laws run Koh Phangan government offices as Thailand. While the island has some freedom in how Koh Phangan government offices are run, Koh Phangan is mostly under the jurisdiction of the Thailand government.

Koh Phangan government offices are very similar to the government offices found in the United States, and residents use Koh Phangan government offices in similar fashions. For example, post offices run the mail, banks fund the money and the prosecution defends the Thailand laws. Understanding who to turn to for help in your visit may make it a more pleasant experience.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009