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Koh Phangan, much like any other place in the world has cultural rules that those visiting should know at least a little about. Koh Phangan cultural rules should be known by those visiting the island because not knowing them could end up causing problems, not only with insulting the locals but with the police as well (legal issues).

The first thing to remember about Koh Phangan's cultural rules is the national religion, which is Buddhism. Having a general knowledge of the national religion helps understand Koh Phangan cultural rules by providing a better perspective of how residents think and live. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and the sanctity of life. Most schools of Buddhism honor vegetarianism while some do eat meat; however, Buddhism in general involves treating all living things with kindness and respect; so while you are there, it's best to not step on bugs or show any other forms of disrespect to life, including plant life. It's one of the most important Koh Phangan cultural rules you can keep in mind.

Another of the most important Koh Phangan cultural rules to remember is that the Thai treat their heads, and the heads of others, with respect. Those in Koh Phangan follow the belief that the head is the most private, important piece of the body. The head should not be disrespected.

Also, whether you are wearing shoes or not, never lift your feet to show the soles of your feet because that is nearly as bad as walking around without clothes in Koh Phangan. This is an important thing to remember when you are lying on the beach. Make sure to keep your feet on ground, not lifting them into the air.

Placing your wallet in your back pocket is also a sign of disrespect, and it is one of the many Koh Phangan cultural rules that you should keep in mind during your stay.

While most of the cultural rules can be learned as you go, those listed above should keep you on the right track and out of trouble with the locals.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

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Songkran in Thongsala
Songkran in Thongsala
Songkran in Thongsala
Songkran in Thongsala