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Many people go to Koh Phangan, the island paradise just off of Thailand, in order to experience tropical vacations and honeymoons. However, when travel brochures tell about Koh Phangan, locals that reside there year round are often not mentioned. The Koh Phangan locals live both in the city and in rural areas, such as the mountainous forest.

Koh Phangan locals are known to be a friendly and polite group of people. Around 8,000 people are known to reside at least most of the time on the island (there are a number that travel around and use the island as a part time residence).

Many Koh Phangan locals relocated here from China, and many come from highly diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups. There are people of nearly every nationality representing the Koh Phangan locals, and while most of them are Buddhist, other religions are also represented.

Religion, while a large part of regular Koh Phangan life and culture, only helps describe the local crowd a little bit. The locals are fun loving people and are known to actively participate in the monthly Full Moon Party held on the beach, as well as other fun events that the island is known for.

Most locals in Koh Phangan live in private bungalows and work in one of the many bustling businesses in downtown. Since the island is often hopping with globe trotting tourists, the businesses always seem to be doing well and constantly growing.

Keep in mind that many Koh Phangan locals speak English, but some do not, so it's important to establish a language medium if you wish to speak with Koh Phangan locals during your stay on the island.

Koh Phangan locals are fun loving and hard working people who love tourists like you. Speak with one on your journey to learn more about the island and the culture.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009