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Major religions in Koh Phangan

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Religion plays a large role in regular life in Koh Phangan. Major religions in Koh Phangan influence the way of life, not only in Koh Phangan, but also throughout Thailand. The major religions in Koh Phangan are Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Catholicism. The major religions in Koh Phangan should be known to those traveling to the island before touring the area because their religions shape their culture and their culture shapes their behaviors.

The major religions in Koh Phangan include Buddhism. Buddhism, in fact, is the primary choice of the population. first evolved on the island around the second or third century, B.C. The religion quickly formed as not only the island's religion but as the entire country of Thailand's religious stance as well.

Buddhism, as a religion, initially began in Ancient India based on the teachings of one man. The current form of Buddhism as one of the major religions in Koh Phangan teaches that life is only one of many lives we humans get the chance to live. The religion teaches much in the realm of karma and the evolving life and death sequence that keeps us coming back as various animals, humans and/or supernatural beings when we reincarnate.

Buddhism became one of the major religions in Koh Phangan after early residents (many who migrated away from oppressive governments) were big on tolerance and freedom. Since Buddhism was a way of life for many, it was quick to grab onto and run the country on similar principles.

While Buddhism is the primary religion in Koh Phangan, this did not come about by force or obligation. Koh Phangan, like all of Thailand, believes in religious freedom, and there are sectors of various major religions in Koh Phangan nearly everywhere you go.

Koh Phangan residents are known for living in peace and harmony with all people and animals. The major religions in Koh Phangan play an integral role in their daily lives and it is the focal point that shapes their society the most.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009