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Phangan Black Moon Party in Ao Ban Tai

Phangan Island Full Moon Party | Koh Phangan parties and nightlife

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a party animal, you want to make sure that you head to Koh Phangan for one of its monthly parties. There are three main ones to choose from: the world-famous Full Moon Party; the Half Moon Party and the Black Moon Party.

DJs and dancing at the Black Moon Party

While it does not draw as many people as the famous Phangan Full Moon Party, the Black Moon Party still attracts hundreds of revellers from across the world; being particularly popular with backpackers. It takes place two weeks after the full moon and sees a number of trance and dance DJ's hit the beach to entertain the masses.

DJ Leung is the main organiser and main attraction. People come from all over Thailand to hear his mixes and dance the night away on Ban Tai beach. The event is gaining in popularity every month and is beginning to attract big names in the Thai DJ circuit.

Watch the sun come up in style

The beach at Ao Ban Tai comes alive during these parties and is decked out in fluorescent lighting, colourful decorations and local art. Bars stay open all night serving a range of alcoholic refreshments, soft drinks and food. As the night progresses, the mood changes and a more relaxed atmosphere takes hold. DJ's can be heard playing a number of reggae and chill-out tunes as the sun comes up allowing party-goers to enjoy the sunrise.

Tickets and accommodation for the Black Moon Party

Tickets are 300B which includes a free drink on arrival. Accommodation is available across the island, but if you want to stay on Ban Tai beach, it is adviseable to book your room in advance. If you have any valuables, it is recommended that you keep them in the safe at your hotel or guesthouse as petty thieves are known to circuit the party.

If you enjoy dance music, like a drink, want to experience a Thai beach party and are in Thailand for this event, then you should not miss it. Watch how Koh Phangan comes alive as the sounds from the DJ decks echo across the island.

Phangan Black Moon Party Schedule and Dates 2014


  • January, 30th
  • February, 28th
  • March, 30th
  • April, 28th
  • May, 28th
  • June, 26th
  • July, 26th
  • August, 24th
  • September, 23th
  • October, 22th
  • November, 21st
  • December, 20th
  • These dates are subjected to change without any prior notice by the organizers.

    Last Updated: 19 Feb 2014