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Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan (Part 2)

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Part 2 of the Full Moon Party overview.

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The Main Full Moon Party Venues on Haad Rin Beach

We were going to list them in order of greatness but after an hour of discussion we still couldn't agree on the number one pick (mine is the Vinyl Club), so the list is from the South (the pointy end of the island) to the North of Haad Rin beach.

The Rock

If the Full Moon Party had a chill out room then it would be The Rock Bar. Right on the Southern end of Haad Rin Beach perched on a huge rock (see where they got the name). From here you have a perfect view up the beach and can drink, dance or chill to soulful funky tunes. They also serve some of the best cocktails on the beach, in case the buckets are not working for you.

Paradise Bungalows

Being the official home of the original Full Moon Party, the Paradise Bungalows are always a popular place. And well deserved, if there's a big name DJ playing on the night this is where they will be playing, alongside the hard progressive sounds of the ever popular resident DJ.

Drop In Club

Another favourite, the Drop In Club serves up more commercial sounds of chart music, R&B and dance to consistently large crowd. Upstairs also offers great views of the party while you catch your breath for the next set.

Zoom Bar

Not one of the largest bars but Zoom Bar is still extremely popular with it's psy-trance pumping out through the night and continues well into the next day.

Vinyl Club

Playing a slightly harder mix of trance and techno than it's neighbour the Zoom Bar, it's monster sound system draws dancers in like moths to a flame. Several podiums for those who want to show off their dancing skills (and unfortunately sometimes those who can't). When your dance fever kicks into overdrive the Vinyl Club is is the place you want to be.

The Cactus Bar

As one of the first bars you pass when arriving on Haad Rin Beach, Cactus Bar is always busy and with it's wide selection of music from RnB, old school classics, hip hop with an occasional bit of Rock thrown in for good measure. Making it a perfect staging ground to soak in the immensity of the Full Moon Party and decide where to dance first. Also very popular when the sun comes up as a meeting point for one last dance before heading back to your hotel or resort.

The Orchid Club

Drum and Base! As the only club on the beach specialising in this genre if you love the music you'll love The Orchid Club. With long time resident DJ and occasional guest Dj's whipping the crowds into a frenzy even if you're not a big fan it's great to watch some of the most energetic people on the beach do their thing. Wild!

Tommy Bar

Looking down the beach you'll see the neon florescent sculptures in front of Tommy Bar long before you hear the music. If you like psy-trance and and techno and enjoy space when you dance, this will be home from home for the next several hours. Slightly more edgy than the other trance bars on Haad Rin, Tommy's has some of the more unique partiers who dance to the beat only they can hear! Spacious and relaxing atmosphere where the only thing that matters is feeling the music.

Mellow Mountain

Mellow Mountain does what it says on the tin and describes perfectly the atmosphere and its location. At the far North of Haad Rin beach it's another haven to relax and catch your breath in a hammock or on the floor cushions. Famous for its milkshakes and soothing tunes you can regain your hearing, chat with friends and watch the party down below.

Full Moon Party - Start Time

There are pre-Full Moon Parties all over the island a day or two before, Haad Rin normally starts it's warm-up about 3 days before the Full moon itself. On the day of the actual party many choose to arrive between 8pm and 10pm, remember it lasts well into the next day so it's worthwhile to pace yourself!

Full Moon Party Morning

When it Ends

The next morning at around 11am but it mainly depends on your stamina and or consumption of alcohol. The famous Buckets containing either vodka or Sangsom (a local Thai whisky) mixed with Redbull are extremely delicious but are also quite intoxicating!

I'm a big fan of energy drinks but it should be understood that they provide an energy overdraft which is a nice way to say the extra energy you use will have to be paid back (eventually). Take a look through our Full Moon Party galleries and you'll l see what I mean.

Because of this there is now a sleeping area cordoned off on the beach for people who just don't have the energy to get back to their bed.

When the party on Haad Rin starts to wind down, if you've still got energy in reserve then you'll want to head to the Backyard Bar (Starts around 11am and stays open longer than you'll need it to be).

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2014

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