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Phangan Island Full Moon Party | Shiva Moon Party and the Moon Set Party

Though many people may have heard of the Full Moon and Half Moon Party of Phangan Island, there are numerous other parties held on the island, worth visiting. We introduce you here to the Shiva Moon Party in Ban Tai the Moon Set Party and the Reggae Party at Haad Salad and the Jungle Party in Chaloklum.

Shiva Moon Party at Ban Tai Village

One of these many parties is the Shiva Moon party that takes place once, twice or thrice a month, depending on the season. The Shiva moon party is held behind Ban Tai village, on the road to Haad Rin in a jungle of Phangan Island. The music played in the Shiva moon party is like in the other parties, Techno Trance where you find that the quality of sound and decorations seem to get better month after month.

Though the Shiva Moon party was not so good or successful in the beginning, today it offers more and more high quality seasons in Samui Island. In fact, the last year the Shiva Moon party had Bruce from Psyberpunk deliver an amazing live performance that set the dance floor on fire.

The Moon Set Party at Pirate's Bar, Haad Chao Pao

Another of the not so famous parties of Samui Island is the Moon Set party that is held one or two days before the full moon. The Moon Set party is held on the west coast, in the Pirate's Bar on the beach of Haad Chao Pao. Unlike most parties on Samui Island, the music here is not only trance, but includes some House and Progressive sessions as well.

The Moon Set Party is famous amongst people who live on the west coast of Phangan Island as they find it difficult to go to the other parties of Phangan Island which are situated quite far off for them.

Reggae Party in Reggae Bar, Haad Salad

You also find the Reggae party which is organized further north in the Reggae Bar of Haad Salad. The Reggae party has some live concerts in the jungle that creates a heartening and interesting party atmosphere just right for Samui Island.

Jungle Party at Paradise Waterfall Bungalows near Chaloklum

The Paradise Waterfall Bungalows organize parties in the jungle of Samui Island during the high season. These bungalows are found by the pool of the waterfall, about a kilometer from Chaloklum. Though this area is wicked, the success of the party is attributed to the DJs providing the interesting music here. It is only when the DJs go from better to worse that the party may not succeed.

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party and Dates

In case you want to experience the standard Koh Phangan Full Moon Party this is the link for you.

Last Updated: 17 Jan 2012