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Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga

Phangan Island Health | Channeling your mind and spirit while frolicking in Koh Phan

Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga is a form of meditative exercise that incorporates the idea that everything around us exists because of the energy of the godhead. It is meant to allow us to channel that energy in a positive and flowing atmosphere that in turns allows us to realize the true nature of our being and the power that exists within us.

Koh Phangan Tantra yoga is closely associated with the Vedic traditions of the Hindu faith and deals with the identification and control of one's energy centers or Chakra points. These Chakra points in Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga are recognized in Oriental medicine (including acupuncture) and yoga as conduits through which the different energies that we possess pass. When one or more of these points bottleneck or block-up, an imbalance occurs in the body's energies that results in mental, emotional and/or physical discomforts or worse.

Practitioners of Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga strive to equalize their system to keep it in balance with the world around them. This allows them to see things as they are rather than be subject to whatever preconceptions that they may have regarding the world around them. This form of Buddhism works to free us from hurt and physical strain that can injure both mentally and physically. Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga works with the wondrous environment surrounding the vacationing traveler to wash away the daily cares that plague one during day-to-day life. Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga sets you up to experience the many natural wonders of the island.

So if you are looking for more than just a temporary respite while holidaying on Koh Phangan, that is if you would also like to bring home with you a source of lasting happiness and balance, then check out the island's offerings in Koh Phangan Tantra Yoga.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009