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Baan Talay Bar in Haad Rin

Phangan Island Nightlife | A Koh Phangan bar you don't want to miss

The Baan Talay Bar is next to the popular and cheap Baan Talay Guesthouse in Haad Rin, on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. This Koh Phangan bar is in an excellent location, being only three minutes from the main party beach and in the center of Haad Rin. To get to Baan Talay Bar, walk from Haad Rin pier to Haad Rin Nok (sunrise beach) and the bar will be about halfway on the right.

Haad Rin Beach

Haad Rin is Party Central for the famous Full Moon parties that occur every night there is a full moon. Full Moon parties started over 10 years ago at places like this Koh Phangan bar and gain popularity every year, with thousands of visitors to Koh Phangan at party time. There are even offshoots of the Full Moon parties in Half Moon parties and Black Moon parties at places like this Koh Phangan bar. There is just no end to the parties offered on Koh Phangan and accommodated by this Koh Phangan bar.

Excellent Food Selections

This Koh Phangan bar offers excellent food, service, and cocktails in a wonderfully decorated bar. The prices in this Koh Phangan bar are quite reasonable. This Koh Phangan bar is surrounded by lush green gardens and is enjoyable just for the scenery alone. This Koh Phangan bar is comfortable and offers selection of Thai and Western cuisine, as well as other favorite foods.

Close to the Party

This Koh Phangan bar is close enough to party activity to be easily accessible, and yet far enough away that the music isn't quite as loud as when you are in the middle of it. You can enjoy your cocktails in a relatively serene environment at this Koh Phangan bar.

This Koh Phangan bar is easily reachable from Thongsala, which is the main ferry port and town of Koh Phangan. The main road running from Thongsala to Haad Rin has recently been reconstructed of concrete to make traveling between the villages easier, safer, and faster. You can drive and take a taxi from Thongsala to Haad Rin in about 20 minutes time.

Last Updated: 09 Sep 2009