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Cactus Bar in Haad Rin

Phangan Island Nightlife | Full Moon Party Locations in Phangan

Situated on Haad Rin beach, Cactus Bar can be very easily recognised by the giant green cactus found on its roof. It is a laid back bar open from midday through until 02:00. As the night progresses, the DJ plays a number of hip hop and RnB numbers as well as a bit of soft rock, allowing those who are not into dance music to sit back and relax. The bar itself has become landmark on the island and most first time arrivals head straight here.

Cactus Bar and the Full Moon Party

Cactus Bar is one of the main bars to visit during the Full Moon Party and is guaranteed to be busy all night. It is also one of the few bars open year round which has helped to ensure its place as one of the islands best and most popular bars.

There is no dress code whatsoever and many people arrive straight from the beach in their shorts. However, when there's a Full Moon Party going on, people can be seen in a wide array of outfits.

Fire Shows and Courses at the Cactus Bar

There are fire shows during the peak season with pros showcasing their skills while you sit back and soak up the atmosphere. These shows should not be missed as against the dark night, they are truly spectacular. If the skills of the fire dancers impress you, they offer lessons at Cactus Bar throughout the year. There are three-day courses available which will teach you enough that you'll be able to impress your friends and recreate the scene back home.

The chilled out music helps to create the desired ambience and sees that customers come back again and again and the staff love a good party so welcome everyone who shows up with typical Thai courtesy. With its central location, good food, good music and great atmosphere, what more could you ask for?

Last Updated: 14 Feb 2012