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Phangan Island Nightlife | Clubs and parties on Koh Pha Ngan

The biggest, best club scene on Koh Phangan is during the Full Moon, Black Moon, and Pre-Full Moon Parties.

Clubland Resort and The Place

For a taste of old school partying with a distinctive trance-tech sensibility, go to Clubland Resort's party-it's the home to resident DJ Leung, one of the party's founders. This party is perfect for the mid-month traveler. The budget conscious traveler will be happy to know that Clubland has been a pioneer in the free party scene.

The same company has a club/bar called The Place near Clubland, where they put on one or two parties around the full moon. If you are stuck with nothing to do on a non-party night (a very rare occurrence!) it is a great venue to visit when nothing else going on.

Hin Kong Club

Hin Kong Club draws crowds of 300 - 700, making it the biggest of the newer venues on the island. They always line up a mix of resident and international DJs that play a wide variety of music. The only constant is that the DJs have to be top notch.

Resident DJs include Simon (Big Boom, UK), Nino (London, UK), Kittipong (Backyard, Thai) and the Danny Fisher Project, who play a mix of soul and funk.

Paradise Waterfall

Paradise Waterfall on the Chaloklum to Thong Sala road hosts one of the biggest club venues on the Island. The pre-FM bash is the biggest party and well worth attending.

Parties attract from 300 to 1000 people who dance the night away to farang trance and techno. If the scene becomes too much for you, you can take a break in the soothing waters of the nearby waterfall.

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008