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Ju Ju Bar in Haad Yao

Phangan Island Nightlife | Ju Ju Bar on Long Bay Beach in Koh Phangan

The Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is located on Haad Yao, also known as Long Bay Beach, on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. The Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is popular for its funk, soul, and jazz music, as well as its food and drinks. The Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar also has pool and snooker tables to enjoy. The Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is open daily from noon, and when it's party time, the bar stays open especially late.

Haad Yao Beach - Home of the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar

Haad Yao is described as one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. Because it is on the west side of the island, it offers the best views of the sunset, which are just spectacular. The beach at Haad Yao is 1 km in width and is perfect to play football on or any other game that takes a goodly amount of space. As well, there are plenty of spots on the beach to grab a little section for your self to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar.

Full Moon Party

Haad Rin is famous for its Full Moon parties, which occur every night there is a full moon. This tradition has been ongoing for over 10 years now, and the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is certainly part of it. The Full Moon parties are believed to have started as one big party for someone's birthday. There was a full moon that night and everyone had so much fun, they met up again next year. The event evolved into a Full Moon party, and the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar evolved with it.

There are also events such as Half Moon parties and Black Moon parties. Whatever the occasion, the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is the place to be for good drinks, good music, and great fun. Dance on the beautiful white sand beaches near the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar to your favorite sounds and party until dawn. The party never ends at the Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar on Haad Yao beach and brings thousands of visitors to the island each month.

The Koh Phangan Ju Ju Bar is one of the best places to enjoy what Koh Phangan has to offer.

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2008