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Mellow Mountain in Haad Rin

Phangan Island Nightlife | Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain is mellow indeed on the north sh
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach

Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain, located at Haad Rin, on this beautiful island can be found on the quieter part of the island, at the northern end of the beach.

Mellow Out

From Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain, you can see the action but you can take a breather from being part of it. Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain lets you chill out for a while and re-group; get some energy back for another go at the partying crowd. Tons of cushions and hammocks are available for lounging at Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain. Put up those tired and aching dancing feet and rest a while at Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain.


Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain has a variety of drinks and snacks to offer, specializing in milkshakes. Relax in the comforting environment that is Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain before you return to the party, or return to the quiet of a secluded north short spot on the beach for the remainder of your evening.

Soothing Tunes

Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain offers soothing tunes while you are resting. The Full Moon parties started on Haad Rin about 10 years ago, some say as a celebratory birthday gathering that went so well, they just kept building and building until the full blown global affair they are now. More than 10 main sound systems are rocking the beach at any one time, and they can all be heard from Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain.

Music sounds can be anything from psy-trance to drum and bass, to R&B, to rock and roll. It is an eclectic mixture that is sure to please everyone, at some point, in the dancing crowds near Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain.

The beaches below Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain are white sand and the water of the Gulf of Thailand is gorgeously blue. With coconut palms swaying about, what more could you ask for from a tropical paradise. Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain has all the amenities to enable you to relax after a hard session of partying. Come and relax in the soothing atmosphere of Koh Phangan Mellow Mountain.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

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Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach
Mellow Mountain Haad Rin Beach