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Orchid Club in Haad Rin

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The Orchid Club is the only bar playing Drum and Bass tunes on the entire island; therefore it is very popular with a large number of people. It is located on Haad Rin and DJ Kay ensures that visitors to the club have a great night whenever they come. He plays a mix of Drum and Bass, Break-beat and Hip Hop so if funk and dance are more up your street, this may not be the place for you.

The Orchid Club opening times

Along with a few other establishments, it is open all year round and is one of the busiest bars on Haad Rin. It is a lively venue attracting many backpackers and tourists. Food is served, both Western and Thai dishes, and all drinks are very good value. When the weather is nice, which is most of the year, people can be seen sipping drinks on the beach enjoying the views and the cool summer evenings. If it happens to rain, all of the fun carries on inside with music and dancing until dawn.

The Orchid Club and the Full Moon Party

During the Full Moon Parties, The Orchid Club is packed with people soaking up the atmosphere and getting their fix of Hip Hop. Music resonating from the large speakers can be heard for miles down the beach and even as other bars are quietening down for the night, The Orchid Club is always in full swing and does not shut its doors until well into the next day.

If you like Drum and Bass, having a party and meeting scores of new people, you should definitely not miss out on a night out in The Orchid Club. Regardless of when you go, you will have a night, or nights, to remember.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009