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Sheesha Bar in Chaloklum

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Sheesha on Koh Phangan is an upscale bar, restaurant, and lounge in Chaloklum, in the northern section of Koh Phangan. The entire island of Koh Phangan offers breathtaking views from all angles, and Chaloklum is no exception. Beauty is abundant on this southeastern Thailand island, and Sheesha on Koh Phangan is perfectly positioned.

Sheesha on Koh Phangan is Classy

Sheesha on Koh Phangan is a chic and elegant Thai bar that serves Thai and Western fare, as well as many wonderful drinks. Sheesha on Koh Phangan is a comfortable place to unwind from your day. Sheesha on Koh Phangan offers you inexpensive prices for your meal with them. The staff is at your service from the moment you walk in the door.

Chaloklum by taxi from Thongsala pier

When arriving at the main town and ferry port on the island of Koh Phangan, you will need to drive or take a taxi to the northern part of the island to reach Sheesha on Koh Phangan in Chaloklum. A taxi from Thongsala to Chaloklum can cost around 40 THB (0.88 EUR). The drive through the tropical paradise can be relaxing and enjoyable.

Trendy Eatery

The Sheesha on Koh Phangan Bar in Chaloklam is a trendy and favorite hotspot to hang out. After all the Full Moon partying in Haad Rin, the Sheesha on Koh Phangan Bar in Chaloklam can be a respite. Full Moon parties began over 10 years ago and have gained popularity each year since, now bringing thousands of people to Koh Phangan for each Full Moon party. The parties have even branched out over the years; there are now also Half Moon parties and Black Moon parties. There is always a party on Koh Phangan.

Chill Out

Sheesha on Koh Phangan can be a great place to unwind in the evenings as they have a great menu and a huge drink list. Sheesha on Koh Phangan is located in a fairly secluded place, so you can enjoy your meal and drinks in a relaxing environment.

Last Updated: 10 Dec 2008