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Possible dangers in Koh Phangan

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While it is one of the prettiest, most sought after vacation paradises in the world, there are still some possible dangers in Koh Phangan, and they should be carefully considered before you make a trip to the island. While most tourists visit the popular Thailand spot with no harm, you can run into possible dangers in Koh Phangan if you are not careful.

Here are some ways to protect you against the possible dangers of Koh Phangan.

  • Don't accept drinks or food from strangers. This is the biggest way people run into possible dangers in Koh Phangan, especially at the popular night beach parties (Full Moon being the biggest). There are many gang rapes, sexual and violent crimes due to a girl or guy accepting a drink at a bar that has been tampered with. Be careful to check the seals on all unopened drinks given to you, and be sure to buy your own drinks if you are going out. You can also avoid possible dangers in Koh Phangan if you travel with friends or companions during your visit.
  • Another one of the many possible dangers in Koh Phangan involves driving and the curving, mountainous roads. Try to avoid driving after dark because there are many wild drivers who are intoxicated. It can be dangerous driving motorbikes or jeeps on the hilly dirt roads after dark or even in daylight so be careful.
  • Stay away from illegal drugs if you want to avoid possible dangers in Koh Phangan. The island is often a big place for doing and dealing drugs, but it can be easy to avoid with little effort. The big thing is to remember that there are a lot of undercover, plain clothes policemen around, so the chances of getting caught are fairly high.

While there are some possible dangers in Koh Phangan, most of these dangers can be avoided easily if you pay attention and be careful.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008