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A few Koh Phangan travel tips are important before you take your trip, and some of the most important tips concern the customs and expected etiquette of the region. Just like most of Thailand, the people of Koh Phangan have traditions you must respect. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind before and during your next trip.

The royal family here is shown respect at all times. Visitors should not make jokes, point out flaws or laugh at anything in the political realm of Koh Phangan. The national anthem is revered as well.

The Thai people generally do not shake hands (unless they are in the more touristy areas). Instead they place their palms together in a gesture called the wai. Since different people do this 'handshake' different ways, be sure to follow the lead of whoever gestures you first.

Don't touch a Thai on the head or the temples. This is one of the most important Koh Phangan travel tips you can remember because the Thai consider the head as the most revered part of the body. As one of the many general Koh Phangan travel tips to keep in mind, don't touch your own or other people's temples or heads.

Another one of the most important Koh Phangan travel tips concerns public affection. In Thailand, public affection is generally frowned upon (even holding hands in some regions). It's best to save displays of affection, even if you are honeymooning, for when you are alone.

Following these Koh Phangan travel tips, as well as other etiquette tips mentioned in travel guides about the region, is an expression of respect and will save embarrassment. These Koh Phangan travel tips will also pave the way for social enjoyment, appreciation of the Thai culture and for perhaps making some new friends during your travels on this beautiful and fun island.

General information

Koh Phangan travel tips may help you prepare for your journey. Learning a few hints regarding area attractions as well as standard customs is sure to help your overall experience be a pleasant one. These Koh Phangan travel tips may be helpful before your next visit to the area.

  • Head to the Full Moon Party. When nearly anyone offers Koh Phangan travel tips or discusses places of high interest, the Full Moon Party is always a topic of conversation. You can't do better than the Haad Rin Full Moon Party if you are out looking for some fun nightlife. The Party is a celebration of the moon and consists of bar hopping, nighttime beach fun, and dancing, and attending should certainly make the top of your Koh Phangan travel tips list.
  • Think about hiking. A lot of people that visit Koh Phangan are looking for some travel tips to keep them occupied during their visit and many overlook hiking as a fun filled activity. Hiking in Thailand is amazing because of the forested, mountainous terrain and the flowing rivers that flow to the sea.
  • One more of the best Koh Phangan travel tips to keep in mind is that during your trip, you should be visiting the waterfalls and natural resources in and around the city, going scuba diving with certified scuba instructors, and eating at one of the local restaurants on the Haad Rin Beach. It will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Remember to stay safe on your visit as well. One of the most important Koh Phangan travel tips you can get is to stay safe and remember there can be some parties with drugs in certain parts of the city that you should avoid at night.


Koh Phangan travel tips regarding the wildlife in the area can be incredibly important to tourists who are visiting the region with the ambition of hiking and biking in the forested backdrop.

With rolling mountains, plush green pockets of tropical plants, and palm trees outdoor activities on your trip are a must, but keeping these Koh Phangan travel tips in mind are also important.

  • Don't go alone. If you are hiking in the region, remember that one of the most important Koh Phangan travel tips is to be with others. Since it is very easy to get lost in the deep woods, make sure you are always with at least one other person, and be sure to let a few others know where you're headed.
  • Bring binoculars. Most hikers and bikers in the region make the mistake of forgetting binoculars on their jaunts into the woods. Remembering this from your list of Koh Phangan travel tips may allow you to see some of the most interesting wildlife up close such as scarlet minivets, soaring eagles and tropical animals.
  • Go to Lam Ru. One of the most important Koh Phangan travel tips is to visit Lam Ru. If you like wildlife, you will love Lam Ru. A park in the region that gives wildlife fanatics the chance to see coastal wildlife, forested wildlife and underwater fish, it should be on the top of your Koh Phangan travel tips list. The park is a 48 square mile area that connects several different ecosystems to provide a wildlife fanatic with more than a day's work.
  • The wildlife of Koh Phangan are fast becoming extinct because of people's disregard for the environment around the island. One of the best Koh Phangan travel tips to keep in mind is to help save the wildlife by using only environmentally friendly products, not supporting animal abuse through your purchases on the island, and avoiding businesses that do choose to support animal cruelty and abuse. Remembering this on your list of Koh Phangan travel tips list may help keep you and the animals out of trouble.

Koh Phangan travel tips concerning wildlife may help you on your hiking and biking adventures, or they may just give you a few more alternatives if you're looking for something to do.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

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