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The real estate in Koh Phangan tends to change quite rapidly from month to month. Properties open up quickly, and investors and residents alike are always looking on the market for the best deals. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of land for residency purposes, a business for operating reasons, or a land proposition for investing intentions.

Latest Realestate Articles

Village Green Developments in Haad Chao Phao

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

Location: Thongsala, Tag: construction
The Village Green Developments in Koh Phangan are the top builders on the island and take extreme measures to create environmentally friendly or green buildings with top notch, safe construction. Some of their services include providing environmentally safe designs for buildings, solar power systems, biological... read more.

KP Earth Science in Thongsala

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

Location: Thongsala, Tag: construction
KP Earth Science in Koh Phangan is a professional surveying and technical services consultancy that was first brought into Koh Phangan in 2005. The consultancy works to the betterment of the island and works to build trust and environmentally focused individuals to like-minded people. What does KP Earth Science... read more.

Phangan Holiday Homes

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009

Koh Phangan Holiday Homes offers one of the best sets of villas in all of Koh Phangan. The Holiday Homes try to make your stay on the island as nice and pleasant as possible. As soon as you step off the ferry that brings you to Koh Phangan, you will be greeted by a friendly Holiday Homes staff member who welcom... read more.