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Koh Phangan Holiday Homes offers one of the best sets of villas in all of Koh Phangan. The Holiday Homes try to make your stay on the island as nice and pleasant as possible. As soon as you step off the ferry that brings you to Koh Phangan, you will be greeted by a friendly Holiday Homes staff member who welcomes you to Koh Phangan and brings you to the Koh Phangan Holiday Homes.

Many people enjoy using the Koh Phangan Holiday Homes for their frequent visits to the island because the villas are clean and luxurious. The villas at Koh Phangan Holiday Homes are cleaned each day (including laundering of sheets and tools and vacuuming) by the service staff. The villas at Koh Phangan Holiday Homes have all the modern amenities that you would expect in a high-class establishment. Internet access, televisions and hot and cold showers are available at your request.

Upon arriving in your own private villa, you receive a welcome packet (which shows you all the interesting things you can do on the island), a cool drink and a few coupons to local retailers and restaurants.

During your stay at the Koh Phangan Holiday Homes you have daily access to a 24-hour service telephone line, which can help you solve any problems in the villas or anywhere on the island. The concierge at Koh Phangan Holiday Homes will help you with finding and planning any local tours and activities you may be interested in doing.

When you check out of the Koh Phangan Holiday Homes, you are driven by a staff member to your ferry and delivered on time, no matter what time that is. The Koh Phangan Holiday Homes are a great place to visit and a great place to come during any holiday season.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2009