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Shopping in Haad Rin

Phangan Island Shopping | Koh Phangan shopping and souvenirs

Since Haad Rin is home to the Full Moon beach parties that draw thousands of locals and visitors on each full moon to this location on Koh Phangan, the shops are almost as abundant as restaurants and bars. Every kind of shop imaginable is awaiting your perusal at while Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin.

A word about etiquette: Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin doesn't include the bargaining and dickering you encounter in some places you may have visited, such as Mexico. The price tags display the prices the shop owners expect while Koh Phangan shopping.

While you're Koh Phangan shopping, you'll find hammocks sold in many shops since a hammock is considered an essential item on this tropical island. The clothing stores at Haad Rin carry a variety of fashion wear that closely resembles Bangkok, but the prices are a tad bit higher here at Haad Rin because many of the clothing products have to be imported for this Koh Phangan shopping experience.

Ask the local populace about Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin. They are generally very friendly and are happy to point you in the direction of a shop that specializes in what you want. Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin is easy, and you can find many souvenirs to take home with you to remind you of your lovely stay on Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin, you can find gifts (for yourself or friends) such as sarongs, CDs and DVDs and elegantly styled teakwood furniture. Also available are an assortment of beach games, video games and electronic devices. Imagine it, and chances are good you can probably find it Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin.

When Koh Phangan shopping in Haad Rin, you will also find many examples of fine delicate bejeweled craftsmanship, as well as gold and silver products. Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin can be an all day event, with most shops open the entire day; some close at 7 p.m. and yet others stay open through the night.

When you vacation at one of the wonderful resorts on Koh Phangan, remember to go Koh Phangan shopping at Haad Rin because you will find many unusual items at bargain prices.

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2008