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The Koh Phangan climate in southern Thailand is easy to enjoy year-round. The temperature stays fairly constant all through the changing months. The Koh Phangan climate in Thailand has two seasons: wet and dry.

Average Temperatures on Koh Phangan

Temperatures in the Koh Phangan climate range from an average low of 23.9 degrees Celsius in December to 26.2 degrees Celsius in April. The average high Koh Phangan climate temperatures range from 29.0 in December to 32.5 in May.

Wet Season

The Koh Phangan climate statistics show the wettest months as being September and November. The weather pattern of the Koh Phangan climate can be altered by a monsoon, in which case December could be wet as well. It is always best to check the weather before you finalize your plans. Monsoons in Koh Phangan are normally short-lived, with just enough rainfall to keep the rainforest at its best.

Dry Season

The dry period in the Koh Phangan climate ranges generally from February through April. As with any tropical climate, you may experience rainfall every day; however, this rainfall is usually not long lasting. The Koh Phangan climate typical rainfall may last only an hour or two per day. The lush vegetation in the Koh Phangan climate needs this rain to keep it green and growing.

Newly constructed conrete roads

The main roads on Koh Phangan have recently been upgraded to concrete construction, thereby making traveling in any season exceptionally better. With the concrete roads, you don't have to worry about the rain in the Koh Phangan climate as much as when the roads were all dirt. Traveling between villages has never been easier.

Crowds or Solitude

If you wish to schedule your vacation to avoid crowds, you should think about visiting in April, May, or June, the months with the warmest Koh Phangan climate. Prices are discounted during these months as well.

The most crowded months are inclined to be November, December, February, March and August - and anytime there is a full moon, as Koh Phangan is king of the Full Moon parties held on the beaches.

Overall, anytime is a good time to visit the island and enjoy the Koh Phangan climate. The island has temperatures and an environment that you can pretty much count on for being glorious year-round. With the blue sky, azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the lovely coconut palms, your vacation is sure to be enjoyable and memorable any time of the year.

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2008

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Koh Phangan Sunsets
Koh Phangan Sunsets
Koh Phangan Sunsets
Koh Phangan Sunsets