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Ao Chao Phao Beach on Phangan Island

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Pirate Bar (Ao Chao Phao)

If you are coming to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, but want a laidback place to stay, try renting a cottage, bungalow or hotel room on Ao Chao Phao.

The beach is just under a kilometer long with sugar sand, postcard views, and a boarder of palm speckled volcanic cliffs with western sunset views. Ao Chao Phao also has some great Thai and European restaurants and bars to satisfy every taste.

The ever popular Village Green is an Ao Chao Phao institution, where the salty denizens of Koh Phangan chill over gourmet food and their favorite brew. Traditional Thai dishes can be had for around 1 Euro, or you can splurge on more exotic fare like crocodile! The less adventurous are assured full English breakfast or a quick kidney pie, so Ao Chao Phao truly blends cavorting and comfort for everyone.

Last Updated: 03 Sep 2010