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Thongsala Market

Shopping, Koh Phangan
Fruit Stalls At Thong Sala Market

Thongsala is the urban center of Koh Phangan with all the modern conveniences you might need during your trip to Phangan Island.

But don't miss out on the cultural offering it has to offer like the Thongsala Market. Tourists, photographers, writers and artists will appreciate the ethnic vibe and natural abundance that the Thongsala Market offers to locals and visitors alike.

Check out the Thongsala Market where local fisherman, farmers and artisans play their wares. Icy slabs of fresh-from-the-sea barracuda, mackerel and other fish line up beside stalls of tropical fruits and spices that line the Thongsala Market streets.

If you're staying in a self-catering bungalow consider picking up some fresh produce at Thongsala Market for a taste of local flavor.

Last Updated: 03 Sep 2010