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Koh Phangan Sunsets

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Koh Phangan Sunsets

To enjoy gorgeous Koh Phangan sunsets check out the beaches on the west end of the island, where rugged volcanic cliffs drop into white sandy beaches, and the Koh Phangan sunsets light the mangrove jungles aglow.

The Koh Phangan sunset can be enjoyed from the west coast Phangan Island beaches like Ao Sri Thanu or Ao Wok Tum, where an array of accommodations face into the romantic paradise of the Koh Phangan sunset.

To really enjoy the Koh Phangan sunset in relative privacy consider booking a room on one of the more secluded western beaches like Ao Hin Kong (click here for Ao Hin Kong hotels), where couples can enjoy the Koh Phangan sunset away from the bustle of tourists enjoying Koh Phangan.

Last Updated: 03 Sep 2010