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Phangan beaches

Phangan Island has many sublime tropical beaches around it's boarders. Let the sand sift through your toes and feel the real essence of paradise!

Lofty mountains swoop down to small bays and inlets where a golden sand makes the dream of paradise come true. The prime candidates for best tropical beaches are in the north and east of Phangan such as Haad Than Sadet (Royal Beach, Haad Wai Nam, Haad Yuan. These small beaches are immersed in a natural setting with a Forrest back drop. You can get here by longtail boat from Haad Rin or by some mountain passes.

The beach that Koh Phangan is most famous for is Haad Rin and on Haad Rin East and West is where the world famous Full Moon Party is held. This monthly party is celebrated every month down on the beaches and dancing and partying goes all through the night. The pull of these parties is felt all over Thailand and all over Europe and the wider world. The Full Moon Beach Party is a massive part of the local tourist trade as up to 15,000 descend on these 2 small beaches. Accommodation just before and during the party can be difficult to find as rooms get booked up well in advance. See what to expect at the Full Moon Party here.

Last Updated: 19 Nov 2010