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Phangan Island transport options

Transport, Koh Phangan
Phangan Island transport options

There are many types of transport on Koh Phangan. The road system covers most of the island or are still many areas where you can only get there by a long tailed boats for some of the secluded Bays and high off road cheat for some of the jeep tracks.

The main transport system revolves around the community taxi which will take up to 12 people in the back of a pickup truck that has been converted to take passengers. These are relatively cheap however there is a surcharge for using them during the four main party.

Tourists and travellers can hire cars at the main town of Tongsala and motorbikes in all the tourist areas. The quad bikes R and interesting new addition to the transport types on Koh Phangan but care must be taken as these roads are not the best in the world.

Last Updated: 03 Sep 2010