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Dining at Ananda Yoga Resort

Ananda Restaurant

Offering a full selection of fresh vegetarian and vegan items (including raw foods), with daily specials and a variety of healthy dishes, in addition to brown rice and many international favorites offered at the request of guests. Ananda's kitchen caters to yogi preferences with an abundance of selections of a Sattvic nature (Sattvic diet also referred to as a yoga diet or sentient diet), prepared in a clean and wholesome environment with love.

NB. Sattvic is a diet based on foods which, according to Ayurveda and Yoga, are strong in the Sattva guna, and lead to clarity and equanimity of mind while also being beneficial to the body an example of which are water, fruit, cereal, bread, most vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, milk and milk derivatives (cheese, butter, ghee, cream, yogurt), and honey.

Relaxation at Ananda Yoga Resort

Traditional Thai Massage
Therapeutic healing has existed in Thailand for over a thousand years. Chinese practitioners of traditional medicine (including acupuncture and acupressure) and Taoist philosophy influenced the art of Traditional Thai massage.

Herbal Steam Sauna
Relax and enjoy the many benefits of a traditional Thai herbal steam sauna at Ananda. Many local herbs are added to a boiler such as Lemongrass to create the herbal steam that is fed into the sauna which provide many health benefits not limited to reducing high cholesterol levels to the treatment of skins diseases such as eczema. To make the experience complete we highly recommend a revitalizing and relaxing herbal steam massage.

Activities at Ananda Yoga Resort

Swimming Pool
Enjoy each beautiful day in the lovely swimming pool or relax with a juice or a fresh coconut and float on an air bed!

Facilities List of Ananda Yoga Resort

Air-Conditioning Room