Phangan Orchid Resort

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Phangan Orchid Resort (prev Bankai Orchid Resort)

Overview of Phangan Orchid Resort

An unexpected Mediterranean ambiance greets you on the Gulf of Thailand as you approach the Phangan Orchid Resort. Whatever it was you were expecting it cant have been this. Neat white cottages with resplendent blue tiled roofs set this apart from the thatches and rusticity that abounds all around.

The perfect getaway located just the right distance to exciting hot spots and fun centers, heres an oasis of tranquility if that's what you want, or whistling distance to a vibrant nightlife if that's what you came here for.

The gorgeous rooms come in a five tiered scale of comfort that promises everything you could think of. All rooms have magnificent views of the sunset or the lovely gardens from private balconies.

Photos of Phangan Orchid Resort